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  About The Company

Sanctuary Books Publishing Company is an independent publisher established in 2005 to bring to market Christian books that reflect a fresh and compelling Christian worldview. We seek to promote the Kingdom of God and provide Christ-centered resources for the transformation of persons, cultures, communities, congregations, countries and continents.

Where to Find Our Books

Sanctuary Books titles and imprints are available here on our website and at most major on-line booksellers. Our titles can also be found in churches, libraries, educational institutions and some bookstores. We believe the brick and mortar bookstore model is fast disappearing and we are making inroads into non-traditional market channels including: the internet, specialty stores, and wholesale clubs.

  About The Publisher

Julie Gibson is the founder and publisher of Sanctuary Books Publishing Company. An avid reader, she began her writing career with her debut book, "Daughters of the Diaspora Get Ready" but she is well on her way to becoming a prolific writer. Her love for the Lord Jesus Christ and her interests in books, history, geopolitics, and economics are congealing to produce timeless and serious works that have a global reach.

Julie's commitment to the cause of Christ is
evident in her willingness to step out on
faith and support other authors who have
something significant to say in these perilous
times. Sanctuary Books' comprehensive
publishing program provides an installment
payment plan where authors can get
a professionally designed book cover,
basic editing and up to 100 copies
of their book published in a short
amount of time.

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