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Are you a first time author? Has your manuscript been turned down by major publishers and agents?
Don't be put off by the "gatekeepers" at the major publishing houses. If God has put a word in your
mouth, we can help you get published at a reasonable cost.

Sanctuary Books Publishing Company is the premier publishing house for progressive
Christian books. We select authors and book projects which promote the Kingdom of God.
Our comprehensive program includes a professionally designed book cover, copyright
registration, ISBN Barcode, basic editing, text layout, and up to 100 copies of your book.
Prices start from as little as $1,500. Also, we provide an installment payment
that lets you meet your goals while staying within budget.

             Interested in more information?

Sanctuary Books Publishing Company is committed to providing you with a publishing
solution that will accommodate your needs and grant you maximum exposure.

Whether you are a new or an established author, Sanctuary Books can provide the
tools you need to publish your book and spread the Lord's message efficiently.

  We Specialize In:
  • Non-fiction current events from a Christian worldview
  • Biblical insights, pastoral care and leadership
  • Prophetic/Apostolic/End-Time Prophecy
  • Testimonials, Memoirs
  • Family issues including husbands and wives, children, marriage
  • Christian fiction including tasteful Christian romance
  • Educational Issues
  • Third World Development/Missions
  • Christian Poetry
  • Children's books (non-secular)
General Inquiries

If you have specific questions about our publishing program,
please complete the information form on our contact page,
or you can email us at

  Ready To Become a Published Author?

Follow these submission guidelines to ensure your work is considered.

  • For nonfiction, please submit an outline or table of contents, two sample chapters, a description of the target-reading audience, and a biography of the author.
  • For fiction including romance, send an outline and two sample chapters.
  • For poetry, send a biography of the author and no more than 10 poems.
  • For juvenile works, please send the entire manuscript including illustrations.
  • For consideration, we prefer that you submit work via email -- as a
    WORD attachment -- to
    Otherwise, you may send via regular mail postal service to:

         Attn: Acquisitions Editor
         Sanctuary Books Publishing Company
         P.O. Box 13688
         Tampa, Florida 33681

  • Manuscripts will not be returned unless a self-addressed, stamped
    envelope (SASE) with adequate postage is included with your
    submission. Please allow at least six weeks for a response.